B&W Digital Photography

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6 sessions


12 to 2

2/25 – 4/8

Location: Building 3, room 3-115

Color is a reproduction of nature, while black and white is an interpretation, there's much more creativity involved. I look for textures and forms and shapes and light, where color photographers are looking for colors.

Clyde Butcher

Color is forceful.

You may have a photograph that "says" shape—but the color dominates.

The photograph becomes about color—not shape.

Seeing in black-and-white will be covered, in class and in the field, including the use of contrast, tone, shadow, shape, and texture.

Toning (sepia, etc.) and the use of filters (red, etc.) will be demonstrated.

Depending on the needs of the class, cyanotype prints may be developed.

Materials fee to be collected in class.

You may use any camera.

Bring your camera's manual if you have one. Make sure the battery is charged and that there's space on the memory card.

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