Digital Photography 1 -

Basic Camera Tools

5 sessions


9 to 11

10/4 - 11/1

Location: Building 3, room 3-115

Are you ready to get past the basics of using the camera and want to take control? In this class we'll explore ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and depth-of-field. Other areas such as white balance, composition and lenses (focal length) will be covered. This class will alternate between the classroom (demonstrations and looking at everyone's photographs) and hands-on shooting in the field. The first class is at STC. Assignments are given.

Jim's Photo Cheat Sheet and the 122-page Beecher's Handouts are included in the class.

Prerequisite: Any digital camera is okay. You'll get more out of the class if the shutter can be changed on your camera (look for shutter-priority in the manual, or either S or Tv on a dial or screen on your camera). Bring your camera's manual if you have one. Make sure the battery is charged and that there's space on the memory card. Please bring a one inch, 3-ring binder.

Got a question? Ask the teacher, Jim Beecher, at Ask Jim.

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Class ID: TDP1001