Digital Photography 1 -

Basic Camera Tools

5 sessions


3 to 5

1/24 – 2/21

Location: Building 3, room 3-115

Are you ready to get past the basics of using the camera and want to take control?

In this class we'll explore ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and depth-of-field.

Other areas such as white balance, composition and lenses (focal length) will be covered.

This class will alternate between the classroom (demonstrations and looking at everyone's photographs) and hands-on shooting in the field.

The first class is at ACE - Sarasota.

Assignments are given.

Jim's Photo Cheat Sheet and the 122-page Beecher's Handouts are included in the class.

Any digital camera is okay. You'll get more out of the class if the shutter can be changed on your camera (look for shutter-priority in the manual, or either S or Tv on a dial or screen on your camera).

Bring your camera's manual if you have one. Make sure the battery is charged and that there's space on the memory card. Please bring a one inch, 3-ring binder.

Got a question? Ask the teacher, Jim Beecher, at Ask Jim.

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