Lightroom Beginning

5 sessions


9 to 11

1/28 – 3/4

No class: 2/18

Location: Building 3, room 3-115

Lightroom is fun!

Ease of use and comprehensive features make Lightroom a good choice.

In Lightroom, activities are gathered into modules. In the Library Module, you can easily organize your photographs into collections (albums). In the Develop module, developing your snaps is a snap.

Students may use a computer in the lab or can bring in a laptop.

If using a school computer, you'll need a large-capacity flash drive. A 128 MB flash drive is about $28. Windows users can use a flash drive or an external hard drive.

Got a question? Ask the teacher, Jim Beecher, at Ask Jim.

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Class ID: TLR1001

Note #1

As of October, 2017, there are three versions of Lightroom, described below.

Purchase Lightroom 6 or Lightroom Classic CC.

Don't buy Lightroom CC.

1) Lightroom 6: You own the program. The cost is about $150. The program won't be updated after 2017.

Go to Download Lightroom 6 (Single App license).

2) Lightroom Classic CC: Your photographs are stored on your computer. You subscribe to Lightroom Classic CC for about $10/month. For more information, go to Adobe Products.

Again, purchase one of the above versions.

Be careful—don't buy the version below.

3) Lightroom CC: Your photographs are stored at Adobe (in the cloud). The interface is different from the above two versions. Lightroom CC is not used in our class.

Note #2 - Windows Users

Lightroom requires a 64-bit version of Windows. Press the Windows key + Pause key. Look for System Type. If you see 32-bit, contact Jim.

Note #3 - Lightroom 5 Users

If you're using Lightroom 5 on a laptop, you can use it in class.

If you're using Lightroom 5 on your desktop computer, you'll need to get one of the above versions of Lightroom.