Tell a Story: Make a Book and Slideshow with Lightroom

6 sessions


12 to 2

10/3 - 11/7

Location: Building 3, room 3-115

Get your photographs out of your computer and before the eyes of your loved ones!

In this class you’ll use Lightroom to tell a story with a photography book and a slideshow.

Students may use a computer in the lab or can bring in a laptop.

Before the class: Students come up with an idea for their book and slideshow.

Then, gather their photographs for it.

You can tell a story about a trip, a family or community event, a hobby, a location, a person, a day- in-the-life-of ______ , poems or an essay, or ?

Some editing will be done at home.

The cost of printing your book is not included (


1) Lightroom class or equivalent.

2) Lightroom 6 or Lightroom CC installed on your home computer.

Got a question? Ask the teacher, Jim Beecher, at Ask Jim.

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Class ID: PBS1001